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A week ago I knew it was time to finally take the plunge and empty my Seattle storage unit, to transport all the things down here to Portland. But I was sick.

Sick again on Tuesday as well. Wednesday I was feeling better, but not 100%- and I finally said, "screw it, this can't slip another month". So I took a bus up to Seattle on Thursday night, and picked up the Uhaul truck on Friday morning.

My girlfriend started out intent on helping, and I think it really did help me build momentum: her self assigned job was to consolidate the mixed tubs of miscellaneous and sort and label them. Anything less than full went to her, while I kept moving boxes into the truck.

I took some pictures of what the truck looked like after 4 carts worth of stuff, 6 and 8 carts worth. I think there probably wasn't any more than 12 carts worth total.

Girlfriend petered out before noon. I kept sending her pictures of the steadily emptying storage unit, until by 4:30 it was finally empty, I had donated things and dumpstered things, and was ready to hit the road.

Here's where my judgement fell down a bit. Had I holed up for a couple hours and let the rush hour diminish, I could have arrived in Portland at pretty much the same time as when I actually did arrive- but I was too tired to think straight, and the road beckoned. So I drove through Seattle rush hour, taking 45 minutes to get south of downtown, and bogged down again in Tacoma. By Olympia, I had to pull over and stretch my legs and buy some bottled water. I could tell how dehydrated I'd become by how much water I could drink without needing to pee.

By 10:00, I finally crossed the river into town and landed, resolving to unload early the next day.

Saturday I managed to almost completely empty the truck before realizing that there wasn't enough room in my Portland storage unit. Even though both spaces were 10 x 10, I had accumulated enough kruft in the south, so that I'd need a bigger space! The truck was due the next morning, the gates closed at 8:00- and the office wasn't open until Monday. There was nowhere to put this stuff.

Loading the truck back up again felt like a bitter defeat. But there absolutely was no other option. My body complained with every movement, I had been on the go nonstop for 2 days already. But I got out of there with time to spare, and got home to sleep again.

Sunday there was a break in the weather late in the afternoon, and I made a goodwill run. Managed to hit a dumpster (don't tell anyone!) so that the only things left in the truck were nice stackable totes and tubs and boxes. I'd go ahaead and pay the $40 overtime fee, and return the truck 72 hours after I'd rented it.

...Which, thankfully, was exactly what happened, more or less. I had the tank topped off and the cab cleaned out by the time the office opened, so there was nothing to do but see the unit, sign the contract, and take the key before unloading the truck for the final time. I made it back to the rental place a mere 20 minutes late... hopefully close enough for a merciful clerk to wave it off.

And now I am completely moved out of Seattle. I'm too tired to think too much about what it will be like to move into Portland now. But that's the next step. I find I don't want to party, I don't want to travel, I want to find some work I can do, and just try to earn my keep for a while.

It helps to remember that this weekend's work still counts, even if it cost money rather than gained me money. And there's $200 less in expenses than there used to be.

(but I still have a half-full overflow storage unit that needs to get emptied, and a bunch more crap to sort through, and I'm still suffering an addiction to stuff.- The main thing is, I don't feel out of control with it. This weekend got a bit hairy, but I managed. and I will continue to do so.)
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